Laveen South Mountain Transportation Study

Improving traffic in the Laveen area through your feedback and data-driven analysis.



The PurposeProject Study Area

The Laveen South Mountain communities have experienced tremendous growth in the past 20 years. Alongside population and economic growth, traffic congestion and pedestrian concerns have also increased. 

The Laveen South Mountain Transportation Study plans to address and alleviate these issues with roadway, transit, and pedestrian friendly solutions.

Using your input and a variety of analytical tools, the City of Phoenix, Maricopa County Department of Transportation and Maricopa Association of Governments came together to identify transportation needs in the community and improve connections to adjacent areas and communities. 

Residents will be able to move around more efficiently and safely in a variety of different modes.



The Data

The study team gathered community feedback in a variety of different manners. Project data was combined from MAG, City of Phoenix, and MCDOT data sources.


In addition to open houses, public comments were collected from community surveys, social media, small working groups, and a Laveen comment map where citizens could leave comments on a specific locale or general transportation issues.


Funding was provided by Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG), City of Phoenix and Maricopa County Department of Transportation. 


The Results

Residents living in the Laveen South Mountain community, in addition to those who work and visit the area, will benefit from improved transportation facilities that will make the community more accessible to all.

  • Roadway widening (additional lanes to increase capacity)
  • New or improved crossing over the Salt River
  • Right-of-way preservation for possible future roadway improvements
  • Drainage improvements
  • Pedestrian and bicycle connections
  • Improvements to key intersections
  • Coordination with planning and design of SR-30



Active Transportation Improvements

This tool displays the Active Transportation Improvements for the Study Area.


Safety Improvements

This tool displays the Safety Improvements for the Study Area.



Proposed Roadway Improvements

This tool displays the Proposed Roadway Improvements for the Study Area.


Public Transportation Improvements

This tool displays the Public Transportation Improvements for the Study Area.

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