Consultant Selection

This page provides a listing of MAG solicitations with links to minutes from the Regional Council or the Executive Committee meetings where qualified consultant(s) were selected.

Consultants are chosen by MAG policy committees following team review. For award or consultant selection information for an RFP/RFQ, click the link to the corresponding minutes to find the appropriate action item.

Feb 16
FY2021 SEE ME AZ Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Education and Enforcement Program
Oct 19
2021-2025 DONT TRASH ARIZONA Litter Prevention and Education Program
Apr 22
FY 2020 Avondale-Goodyear Transit Feasibility Study
Apr 13
Dec 4
FY 2020 Gila River Indian Community Transit Feasibility Study
Nov 18
On-Call Consulting Services for FY 2020-2021 Air Quality Technical Assistance
Nov 18
FY 2020 MAG Regional Transportation Planning On-Call
Sep 16
FY 2020 Regional Transportation Plan Management
Sep 16
FY 2019 Regional Transportation Plan Public Awareness and Engagement Strategy
Aug 19
FY 2020 Technology Support for the Rural Transportation Incubator
Aug 19
FY 2020 Economic Analysis Consultant for the Sun Corridor Value Impact Analysis (VIA) Program
Aug 19
FY 2019 MAG Truck Parking Study
Aug 19
FY 2020-2021 Transportation Data Collection and Management
Aug 19
FY 2020-2021 Emerging Technologies Field Pilots
Aug 19
FY 2020-2021 MAG Model Development and Application
Aug 19
FY 2019 Regional Bus Rapid Transit Feasibility Study
Apr 15
FY 2019 Strategic Transportation Safety Plan Update
Mar 18
FY 2019 Laveen-South Mountain Transportation Study
Mar 18
FY 2019-2021 Intelligent Transportation Systems and Transportation Safety Planning On-Call
Feb 19
FY 2019-2021 Video Production Services
Jan 17
FY 2019 SR-347 Peters and Nall Road to I-10 Maricopa Scoping Study and Planning and Environmental Linkages Statement
Jan 17
FY 2019 Arterial and Bridge Needs Assessment
Jan 17
Arizona Socioeconomic Modeling and Reporting Toolbox AZ-SMART Phase III Enhancements

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